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Luke Ward

Software Engineer

🚀 Welcome to my website! (legacy site)

Hey, my name's Luke Ward and I'm an undergraduate B.S. Computer Science student at Rochester Institute of technology (R.I.T). I like making stuff and putting it on the internet. (and talking a lot)

I've spent a lot of my time working with computer, mentoring and tutorting students, and spending time outdoors. Throughout all of my life I've been interested in technology, from gaming to building my own Personal Computer and other side projects just out of curiosity. Now, I am always working on a small project alongside my rigorous course work to keep my curious mind sated.
I'm currently looking for a Software Engineering/Development Co-op, willing to relocate anywhere.

💻 Software and Programming Skills

🏆 Accomplishments & Extracurriculars

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Professional Experience

Cornerstone Software - Software Engineer Co-op

(Sept 2023 to present)

Documenting C and C++ code and upgrading deprecated features into modern day standards. Build and packaging software for Hewlett Packard Enterprise used by 150+ companies.


Apple 🍎 - Software Engineer Co-op

(Summer 2023)

Built out infrastructure automation using Pulumi & TypeScript as part of the Site Reliability Engineering and Cloud Engineering team. Project was able to save internal engineers 24-48 hours of work per request, delivering to customers up to 10 business days sooner. Utilized mTLS, Docker, Asynchronous Computing, Grafana and Jira. Directly impacted and improved teams day to day functionality with project. Collaborated with coworkers and interns from teams in Texas and China.


Fidelity Investments - Full Stack Developer Co-op

(Summer 2022)

Collaborated with small scrum team to develop and maintain an internal facing test data service. Directly impacted user experience by implementing accessibility features which lead to more interactions by Data Scientists. Developed in a full stack manner, utilizing technologies such as Angular and Java Spring alongside custom MySQL queries. Deployed application on Azure Kubernetes (AKS) cluster using Jenkins CI/CD pipeline


Rochester Institute of Technology - Course Assistant

(2021 - 2022)

I am able to assist students in Intro to Software Engineering with course work, helped tutor and mentor multiple sections. I also host scheduled meetings to help students with homework and projects. This job has allowed me to acquire grading skills, and improvement in leadership and giving constructive feedback.


YMCA Camp Lincoln - Waterfront Director

(2016 - 2021)

I supervised multiple Lifeguards, Counselors and Counselors in Training at the waterfront. I also created and maintained a new safety standard that was compliant to new Federal and State legislation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I gained this promotion to Waterfront Director based on superior performance as Counselor and Cabin Lead.

My Latest Work

RSA Calculator

A simple RSA encryptor/decryptor app that I made in React JS to learn the framework. I included handmade RSA functions that I studied and wanted to apply here.


Uey Chat

A firebase chat application that is used for everyday messaging with built in authentication, image sharing and live communication.

Screenshot Screenshot

Luke's Minecraft Mod

A simple minecraft mod that adds some new items and features that I believed to be missing from the game. This is currently a work in progress, but I am constantly updating!


Moonsurface Procedural Generation

A procedurally generated moon surface using WebGL as a way to self teach the low level graphics library. This project aims to simulate a flat representation of the moon's surface, as viewed from a point on the moon. Using procedural generation techniques, it focuses on creating a dynamic and realistic terrain that resembles the moon's surface.


Assembly Vigenere Cipher

A vigenere cipher that was written in MIPS assembly. Used this to better my understanding of MIPS and assembly memory management.


Modular Synthesizer

This project was created by myself and two other teammates for Brickhack 8 hackathon. We were able to utilize a very low-level channel library in order to control the magnets within our machine's speakers. This gave us great control with our modularity, creating multiple modules to change the sound of the note and record sound. Written in C# with basic front-end ui.

Modular Synthesizer

Roommate Tinder 🧱

Collaborated with a team of 3 to brainstorm an idea with RIT students to better the roommate finding experience. MongoDB and Google Cloud services to store images and requests for users. Worked front and back end; used Node.js, express.js, HTML, and SCSS.

Roommate Tinder
Discord bot

Discord Bot 🤖

Created Discord bot that allowed users to play music, moderate chat, and make changes to the server. Analyzed and integrated Discord and YouTube open source library in order to implement music feature. Developed bot in Python using PyCharm IDE.

Python dictionary

Python Dictionary 🐍

Developed Python Dictionary that allows users to search for vocabulary words and provides definitions. Utilized open source library to build a text file of words and their definitions. Increased Python knowledge through self studying: specifically using Regular Expressions (RegEx).

My Work In Progress

Fish - React JS and TypeScript

Uey Chat - More features + accessibility

News Grabber